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March 23, 2023


Have you ever visited a blog and been captivated by the title of a post? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to learn to do today, but with a little twist – we’ll make it SEO-friendly too. Crafting a catchy, SEO-friendly blog post title can be a challenge, but with the right guidelines, anyone can do it. Choosing the right title can make all the difference in whether your post is read and shared or not. So, let’s get started and learn 6 guidelines that can help you crack the code for crafting a catchy, SEO-friendly blog post title.

Guideline 1: Keep it short and sweet

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Being brief and to the point is the key to crafting a perfect blog title. Your title should not exceed 60 characters or else it may be cut off in search engine results and lose its effectiveness. According to studies, headlines with less than 10 words are more likely to be clicked on and shared, making them more successful in terms of SEO. For instance, instead of using “5 fascinating street art murals in New York City,” try to shorten it to “Fascinating street art murals in NYC” to save some characters while maintaining the intent of the title.

Utilize your creativity and try to come up with short and impactful titles that highlight the essence of your post.

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Guideline 2: Include a relevant Keyword Phrase

Including relevant long-tail keywords in your title is critical for optimizing your blog post for search engines. Long-tail keywords are specific phrases that are more likely to be used by people searching for content that matches their interests. It is critical to use a long-tail keyword that is most relevant to your blog topic, and that is mentioned within your blog post. This helps your post to appear in search results when someone searches for that phrase.

For example, “Healthy weight loss tips” will rank lower in search engines than a title like “10 healthy weight loss tips for busy moms” containing a long-tail keyword “healthy weight loss tips for busy moms,” which is the target audience for the blog post.

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Guideline 3: Make it intriguing

Creating intrigue in the blog title is another excellent tip for grabbing reader’s attention. Titles that evoke curiosity and emotions tend to get more clicks, which improves the post’s visibility in search engines and social media. Use your title to create an emotional connection with the reader and make them feel invested in your post.

For instance, “10 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs you need to know” sounds more intriguing than “10 qualities of successful entrepreneurs” which sounds more mundane and walled off.

Guideline 4: Use numbering or listicles

Incorporating a numbered list in your blog title is a great way to pique readers’ curiosity while making the content more actionable. Using numbers also makes your post more scannable for readers, highlighting the key points so they can skim over it.

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For instance, “5 tips on how to write an epic blog post” is more accessible to read than “tips on writing blog posts.” Using numbers can help your post stand out and be memorable, helping it to rank higher in search results.

Guideline 5: Know your audience

Knowing your target audience is critical to creating SEO-friendly titles that appeal to your readers. By understanding your readers’ needs and expectations, you can create titles that capture their interest and motivate them to read more.

For instance, if you are writing a post to help people with weight loss, using terms such as “burn fat quickly” or “healthy diet meal plan” may attract more attention than a title that doesn’t specifically address weight loss. So, research your audience well and come up with a title that is personalized and targeted towards that specific audience.

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Guideline 6: Keep it informative

Finally, don’t forget to ensure that your blog title is informative and includes the main points of your post. In other words, make sure that the title aligns with the content of your post and delivers on the promise made in it.

It is essential to make the readers understand what they can expect from your blog post. Avoid using cryptic or vague titles that leave their minds wondering what the content is about. Your readers should be able to tell what they are about to read by the title of the post.

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Q1. What are the maximum number of characters allowed in a search engine-friendly title?
A. Titles with 60 characters or less are more effective in search engines.

Q2. How important is the use of long-tail keyword phrases in a blog post title?
A. Using relevant long-tail keywords is vital for making your post SEO-friendly.

Q3. Why should I be creative in my blog title?
A. Innovative and straightforward titles help to grab readers’ attention and make the post memorable.

Q4. What is the significance of numbered lists in a title?
A. Lists and numbers pique readers’ curiosity and make the post more scannable and actionable.

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Q5. Is it essential to know your audience before titling your blog post?
A. Yes, knowing your audience is vital to create personalized blog titles that capture their interest.

Q6. How can I ascertain that my blog title is informative?
A. The title should align with the content of the post and deliver on the promise made in it.

Q7. Can I optimize the readability of my title by avoiding complex terms and phrases?
A. Yes, it is crucial to keep the language simple and clear, avoiding overly complex terms.


Crafting a catchy and SEO-friendly title is the key to making your blog post more visible and engaging for readers. Remember to keep it short and sweet, include relevant long-tail keywords, create intrigue, use numbers, know your audience, and keep it informative. With these guidelines, you can come up with a title that captures your readers’ attention, boosts your search engine ranking and improves your post’s shareability. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your titles-stand out from the crowd and watch your readership grow. Let’s start cracking the code for crafting catch blog post titles.

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