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June 16, 2023


Eddie Heywood was a highly acclaimed jazz pianist and composer known for his soulful harmonies and virtuosic performances. He ruled the world of music in the 1940s, and his influence on jazz music is still heard today. But not many know about the hidden fortune that this Jazz icon had left behind. In this blog post, we will explore the net worth of Eddie Heywood and uncover the different aspects of his wealth.

The Early Days of Eddie Heywood

Eddie Heywood was born on December 4, 1915, in Atlanta, Georgia. His father was a pianist and teacher, and he introduced Eddie to music at an early age. Eddie started playing the piano when he was just a toddler, and by the age of 12, he had become an accomplished pianist. He played in various bands and started his professional career at the age of 15.

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The Rise of Eddie Heywood

Eddie Heywood’s big break came when he moved to New York City and joined the Benny Carter band. He started recording with the band and soon became a sought-after session musician. In the mid-1940s, he signed a contract with Decca Records, and his recordings became popular on the R&B and pop charts. His best-known recording, “Canadian Sunset,” reached number seven on the Billboard charts in 1956.

Net Worth of Eddie Heywood

Despite his success as a jazz musician, Eddie Heywood was not a wealthy person. He passed away in 1989, and his estate was valued at around $60,000. However, his legacy and music continue to inspire many musicians and fans around the world.

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The Legacy of Eddie Heywood

Eddie Heywood’s music has been sampled and covered by countless artists over the years. His soulful playing, harmonies, and arrangements have influenced many musicians in different genres of music. His compositions have been featured in movies, TV shows, and commercials, ensuring that his music lives on.

The Personal Life of Eddie Heywood

Eddie Heywood was married twice and had four children. He was known for his humility and generosity and loved spending time with his family. He was also a passionate golfer and loved playing the sport whenever he had time off from music.

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Q. Did Eddie Heywood win any awards for his music?

A. No, Eddie Heywood did not win any significant awards during his lifetime.

Q. How many albums did Eddie Heywood record during his career?

A. Eddie Heywood recorded over 50 albums during his career.

Q. Did Eddie Heywood have any famous collaborators?

A. Yes, Eddie Heywood collaborated with many famous musicians, including Benny Carter, Roy Eldridge, and Coleman Hawkins.

Q. What was Eddie Heywood’s most successful recording?

A. Eddie Heywood’s most successful recording was “Canadian Sunset,” which reached number seven on the Billboard charts in 1956.

Q. Was Eddie Heywood involved in any charitable work?

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A. There is no information on Eddie Heywood’s involvement in any charitable work.

Q. What was Eddie Heywood’s favorite instrument other than the piano?

A. Eddie Heywood loved playing the golf with the same passion as he had for piano playing.

Q. What was the cause of Eddie Heywood’s death?

A. Eddie Heywood died of cancer on January 3, 1989, in Miami Beach, Florida.


Eddie Heywood may not have been a wealthy person during his lifetime, but his music and legacy continue to inspire generations of musicians and fans around the world. His soulful playing and virtuosic solos have become an essential part of the Jazz music era. Today, his music lives on, and his contributions to music will always be remembered. As fans and music lovers, we must continue to cherish his legacy and recognize his contribution to the world of music.

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